Brian Martin

resume (pdf)
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I'm inspired by projects which have data at their core. I also enjoy building tools to make folks more productive.

Currently, I'm an engineer at Opendoor, "empowering everyone with the freedom to move." I've worked on data, ML, and platform infrastructure. Previously, I was "building a global network to track macroeconomic and human development trends in real time" at Premise Data where I was a founding engineer.

In grad school, I did ML/NLP research at the Information Extraction and Synthesis Lab (IESL) at UMass. I was also a data science intern at Cloudera and worked on distributed systems via Google Summer of Code. Previously, I studied at Hampshire College (CS/Chinese), NYU, and the Illinois Math and Science Academy.


I've been reading, running, baking, and playing piano.
You can also ask me about boat building!